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Sunday, 13 May 2012

Buns & Bassingbourn

By some remarkable fluke, the weather was fine and the Bassingbourn bash was a great success. Inga's Coffee and Walnut took the prize for most popular. She had the straightest seams too!

Sadly my Elderflower sponge could not compete.

Despite a major road closure debacle on Sunday morning, the weekend was a huge success. It was so interesting walking around and chatting to the wonderful, devoted and informed re-enactors, so full of facts and warm comradeship. We filled their tin mugs with tea (once the generator warmed up the water!) in exchange for their welcome. And it was exciting to feel part of another era, and to soak up the atmosphere of the airfield which was so significant in the war.

Some of us even got a ride in a vintage ambulance (featured in the movie Atonement). There were so many temts or "camps" full of fascinating things. And clothes stalls! There just wasn't time to enjoy it all - the cakes were so popular we were were run off our feet!

With George Formby impersonations floating on the breeze from the stage (and there was *quite* a breeze; we were a little worried for our china!), and extraordinary model aircraft flying overhead (so big they looked like the real thing!), time shifted and there we were, for a few hours, on the Home Front with our home-make cakes and chintzy frocks.

Here are some pictures. More will follow soon. And thanks to everyone who came!


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    1. Many thanks for your kind message miss Simmonds. It was hard work and we were pooped by the end of the two days but it was fantastic fun!