Welcome to BUNS & BUNTING - Vintage celebrations.

Monday, 7 February 2011

More super pictures...

Here are some more pictures (thanks Owen!) of the event last Saturday! Amongst participating folk you'll see Jolly Brown's stall, Dani Richardson (hair and make-up expert) and fellow vintage blogger Little Miss Bossy.

Sunday, 6 February 2011

Vintage Swap Shop Success!

Phew! It was quite a day, hanging the bunting and dressing the lovely Mrs Howard Memorial Hall in Letchworth Garden City yesterday.

But I have to say it looked wonderful - really quite a transformation - and we were overwhelmed with lovely comments. Here are a selection of pictures, showing the Buns and Bunting girls: Marian, Mari, Inga, Ruth (and in other pictures, tucking into cake: Vanessa, who is the latest addition to the troops and a real star!).

The china looks really charming all laid out before the "swishers" arrived, and goodness, those cakes! Who could resist?

My new chocolate cake went down well. Marian's Victoria Sponge was a triumph. Inga's buns dazzled and Ruth's coffee and walnut cake was dreamy...

People seemed to really appreciate the trouble everyone had gone to. The cakes were admired for being moist and fresh, and the whole thing was such good fun. It's a good thing we've collected so many glass cake stands over the years as they really looked spectacular.

Josh from the museum lent a huge Union Jack which made a fine centrepiece over the lovely old wooden stage in the hall.

With Vintage make up and hair demonstrations and a lovely stall from Jolly Brown, there was a wonderful
atmosphere. There was a good turn out for a rainy February afternoon, and Joshua was so pleased he talking about Summer events and marquees!

More pictures to follow soon!

Friday, 4 February 2011

Baking bonanza

Everything is nearly ready for tomorrow's Vintage Swap Shop in Letchworth Garden City. My husband has whipped up his famous Flapjack, while I've experimented (oh dear...) with a new Chocolate Cake recipe (you can't go wrong with chocolate...right?) and my trusty Gingerbread. Husband has promised a Victoria Sponge tomorrow morning. Phew. We have the buns then. Better go find the bunting...

Tuesday, 1 February 2011

I haven't a thing to wear...

Actually I have, but I can't decide, so I washed four of my favourite vintage frocks and hung them out in the cold winter sun in readiness for Saturday's Vintage event in Letchworth Garden City.

Next I have to press all the aprons, check the bunting and bake the buns. Marian is busy purchasing coke in vintage style bottles (with retro straws!) for those who don't want tea.

Happy days!