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Wednesday, 30 November 2011

Winter Sunlight

As this lovely warm and golden autumn passes slowly into december...and winter, I am looking forward to some frosts and a chance to light the fire. Winter makes me want to huddle undeer blankets and watch Miss Marple films, but so far it just hasn't been cold enough. Recently we've had a few festive visitors, enouggh to have my husband painting walls (instead of pictures for change) and forcing us to decide on a colour. And I cleared out our cluttered dresser (originally from Russia but bought in France) to make it more presentable.

A little Nutcracker gift tag is the first sign that Christmas is coming. And this year we are home, so lavish decorations are called for.

Meanwhile Buns and Bunting are looking forward to a january Christening and a springtime wedding, and all sort of other exciting events. As soon as things are firmed up, I will post new here. So watch this space!

Wednesday, 14 September 2011

A lovely new haul!

Look at all this gorgeous vintage china! Isn't it gorgeous? I love the yellow roses and the golden teapot! (sounds almost like Miss Marple case!)

 There's a huge range here, some I think possibly Edwardian, lots from the thirties, forties and fifties, possibly sixties. All lovely delicate shapes with rosy chintzy patterns!!!

Recently acquired, this is a lovely bundle of crocs to add to our growing collection. So if you think you'd like your wedding guests to sip tea from bone china cups and sit at beautifully styled tables, with real vintage linen and out of this world cakes, under multitudes of bunting... then get in touch: Bunsandbunting@gmail.com

Thursday, 11 August 2011

Edwardian day 1940s style

Well to tell the truth Buns and Bunting have no Edwardian frocks. I mean, what is a girl to do? So it was business as usual at the First Garden City Heritage Museum in Letchworth last weekend. The rain stayed away (just) and we were busy all day serving teas and gorgeous cakes to the masses in our regular 40s and 50s attire.

This time we were set up in the front garden of the museum, which made a nice change, and drew a few punters off the street. Inga won first prize for her Coffee and Walnut (the prize being that her cake was first-to-be-eaten), although my big lemon sponge seemed to be popular too (and ditto Marian's ENORMOUS Victoria Sponge!). And Ruth's Banana Bread was by all accounts delicious.

This was the first outing for some lovely new bunting, created by my Mother In Law, who is a bit of a whizz with a sewing machine. It has Buntings and Bunting appliqued onto the individual flags, and makes a brilliant statement. Thanks Marilla!

We set up the tea cups on vintage trolleys so people could choose their own cup and saucer. And then, cake and tea was "delivered" by one of the Buns and Bunting girls to their chosen place in the lovely romantic gardens. What could be more civilised?

Things are quiet now as we all go our separate ways for holidays. But in September we have a big private party for 200! That's a big one, so we will need our batteries fully rechardged!

Saturday, 6 August 2011

Beaches & Bunting

The weather may not have been special in Norfolk for our family holiday, but this beach hut certainly was. Owned by a charming young family, the Coxton's of Norwich.

We happened upon this on our one sunny day during a dark and grey week in Cromer. We love Cromer though, and it's always lovely to be by the sea. This beach hut has apparently won competitions and it was an Aladdin's cave of vintage retro chic. I even spotted a Cath Kidston catalogue lying around under the Country Living spin off magazine "Coast" (which I used to buy regularly despite living just about as far from the sea as is humanly possible!).

I've always wanted a beach hut, but my husband says he "doesn't want the responsibility". So I may take over the garden shed instead, now that I'm inspired.

The flat we always rent has a lovely view onto the pier, although it was somewhat diffused by the salt sticking to the glass this time round. Normally by late July things have picked up (and the glass is clearer). It seems the good weather peaked in the Spring and we are set for another (yes, another...) mixed up Summer.

Meanwhile my long-suffering husband has nearly finished his book. He locked himself away even on holiday to work on the illustrations. I shall be glad when he has finished as he makes the best cakes and if there's one thing this dreary weather gives me an appetite for it's cake!

Meanwhile, today Buns and Bunting will be at the First Garden City museum in Letchworth for their fete. I hope the rain stays away and people come... it should be a lovely event! Pictures of THAT to follow soon.

Saturday, 16 July 2011

Announcing an Edwardian Day at the First Garden City Heritage Museum!

The good people at the museum have organised a fun filled day of activities and attractions all in the style of an Edwardian fair. It’s going to be a traditional day of old fashioned fun with music, an old photographic studio, outdoor games, a coconut shy, teas and cakes (provided by BUNS AND BUNTING no less!) raffles, competitions and free face painting.
So ROLL UP, ROLL UP! And come along to the museum on the 6th august between 11a.m and 4.pm
Hope to see you there!

Wednesday, 29 June 2011

Meet Inga

Inga's one of the original Buns and Bunting girls and loves Vintage things as much as I do. When she isn't baking her legendary Carrot Cake or her irresistible Coffee and Walnut sponge, you'll find her dressing up in her fabulous retro clothes, flying around in Tiger Moths, admiring Spitfires and travelling around on her vintage Pashley bike-with-a-basket... or possibly even Wing-Walking on a vintage plane (yes, that's really Inga in the photograph). What a star she is!

Great pics aren't they?

Sunday, 26 June 2011

"I don't care what the weather man says...

...when the weather man says it's raining,
you won't find me complaining,
I'm certain the sun will shine...!"

Rain certainly didn't stop play for our event at the Centre For Healthy Living fete a couple of weeks ago!
We had fun and lots of laughs with our friend Rebecca who organises parties and events through the Letchworth Centre For Healthy Living.  
We would like to take this opportunuity to thank The Centre For Healthy Living for hosting the event and in particular Jaqui Derrick who kindly invited us to participate.

If you're planning a special event and you want something just a bit different get in touch and find out what we can do for you!


Sunday, 22 May 2011

Lovely Little Letchworth

The Little Green Family Show, at the lovely old Brotherhood Hall in Letchworth Garden City yesterday, was a really super event. It was hosted by NapNap (Environmental Nappies), run by the wonderful Rebecca Leek. There were all sorts of interesting stalls there, with a "green" theme prevailing, tying in with Letchworth being a "Transition" town. I confess I had little chance to look at them properly as I was out the back washing up vintage tea cups most of the time (with Ecover of course)! The Buns & Bunting girls were all kept pretty busy and the event had a real buzz. I guess re-using (recycling?) vintage china and home making all our cakes (organic eggs; fair trade chocolate; no additives) makes us pretty green too.

Over the next few weeks we are working on a few really lovely and spectacular private parties. But keep checking back for news of furture public events: there will be more on their way soon!

Mari x

Sunday, 15 May 2011

The Little Green Family Show

BUNS AND BUNTING are pleased to be taking part in THE LITTLE GREEN FAMILY SHOW, a Transition Town Letchworth event.

Please come along to the Brotherhood Hall, Gernon Road, Letchworth Garden City in Hertfordshire, on May 21st 10.30-1.00pm.

Hosted by NAPNAP there will be: free things, yummy things, local things, lovely things for mummies, babies and all the family.

While you browse all sorts of exciting stalls, pause for our delicious vintage refreshments!

Monday, 2 May 2011

Blue Skies... smiling at me...

After all the excitement of the Royal Wedding, it seemed the perfect thing to do to carry on eating cake and hanging up bunting. Which is exactly what we did yesterday at the glorious "Ye Olde May Day" festival at the First Garden City Museum in Letchworth Garden City. Under the sparkling blue sky, the museum garden was again transformed, and together with May Queens, Jack of the Greens and some Morris Dancers (who certainly earned their cake!) people came and went amongst the bluebells and lilacs to to enjoy a cup of tea from vintage cups and eat ravishing home-made cakes from bone china plates. The tables were decorated with wildflowers in jam jars on chinzy vintage table-cloths and the trees were strewn with our trademark bunting...

We are immensly grateful to the museum for hosting the event and supporting us and toeveryone who came. It was lovely to see so many people - over a hundred - enjoying the little known, almost Secret Garden of the museum on such an incredible day. Spirits were high, and the Buns and Bunting girls were run off their feet delivering trays laded with retro delights to the happy customers. It really feels as though the summer has begun!

For a very short film of the fun CLICK HERE!