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Wednesday, 30 November 2011

Winter Sunlight

As this lovely warm and golden autumn passes slowly into december...and winter, I am looking forward to some frosts and a chance to light the fire. Winter makes me want to huddle undeer blankets and watch Miss Marple films, but so far it just hasn't been cold enough. Recently we've had a few festive visitors, enouggh to have my husband painting walls (instead of pictures for change) and forcing us to decide on a colour. And I cleared out our cluttered dresser (originally from Russia but bought in France) to make it more presentable.

A little Nutcracker gift tag is the first sign that Christmas is coming. And this year we are home, so lavish decorations are called for.

Meanwhile Buns and Bunting are looking forward to a january Christening and a springtime wedding, and all sort of other exciting events. As soon as things are firmed up, I will post new here. So watch this space!