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Monday, 7 May 2012

Buns, Bunting and (Memphis) Belle...

Although exhausted from baking cakes (such a hard life), I did want to find the time to post about next weekend and the Bassingbourn Bash as I like to call it. Bassingbourn airfield was the home of the famous Memphis Belle - the nickname of a Boeing B-17F Flying Fortress

During World War 2 the aircraft completed 25 missions safely, and inspired two movies (the first a documentary, the second a Hollywood Blockbuster). Looking at the lady mascot Memphis Belle herself I am wondering if that look might solve my vintage frock problem? But with the weather as it is, I suspect not.

Here are some super old pictures of the "Belle" in her heyday. She is now in Ohio, being fully restored, but Bassingbourn, quite rightly, still celebrate their part in her story at the Tower Museum, which needs a major refurbishment to preserve this important history, hence the "Somewhere in England" 40s festival!

We made a little FILM of Buns and Bunting and did the vocals ourselves (I am expecting that call from Covent Garden any day now!). My wordsmith husband rewrote the words to In The Mood. Click here to view it!  I can't promise a live performance next weekend, but with a big enough cake-induced sugar high, who knows?


  1. I love your version of In The Mood, highly adorable

    1. Thanks Miss Simmonds! we did have a good laugh... but the Andrews Sisters we are NOT (alas)